21 June 2018 | The Blank Canvas

With a whole new canvas, a whole new page to write, I'm daunted by the sudden wide spread of white that covers that which is before me as I take up my pen to write the next chapter. It seems as though all that I have been through was to bring my faith, knowledge, understanding... Continue Reading →

10 June 2018 | The Taxi’s Son

I had went to the zoo a few months back, having needed the time to be alone from all that was happening. It was an escape, I admit, but I found joy in going out on my own with the Father as I admired the beauty of His creations.Well, there is much to share about... Continue Reading →

31 May 2018 | Serving Who?

Buddy: I gave up. After seeing how our higher ups keep giving more punishments than offs for good standards, I lost my motivation. Its been a long shift, having to face difficult individuals, problems, a tests that I failed to observe enough, and when I thought that I at least had my free Milo to... Continue Reading →

18 May 2018 |The Ache for the Woman

Yet again, I came across news about a Korean woman who had been sexually harassed; nude photos taken and posted online for the world to see on Facebook. The damage done to the woman is far beyond what I could comprehend, and my heart aches for her and the many victims over the past few... Continue Reading →

18 May 2018 | Sufficient

The boy saw his heavenly Father planting and pruning in the gardens, with a troubled heart he went and sat with him. For the longest time, the boy noticed his lack in many things as he compared himself to the others. They had plenty, but he had sufficiently enough; the boy was not thoroughly convinced... Continue Reading →

17 May 2018 | Wind and Waves

A storm blew over and I find myself stranded in the ocean. I thought I'd be more frustrated than I am confident, but I know that I'm heading somewhere; an island ahead, which doesn't seem to be the end of my journey, but a definitive land that would set me enroute to where He wants... Continue Reading →

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